Are you my mother?

I just read my news feed and have to chuckle when I read seventhpathogen journal. I've also forgotten that I had a lj account and have spent more time on Facebook and Twitter instead. I couldn't figure out how to market my novel with this account since I don't really have many friends on here, aka readers, so I thought I'd be better off not using it, but I do have to say I've missed skimming "friends" entries on here. I know that I don't actually know many people on here, but I like reading about other writers routines etc and that could be why I still have this account.

My life has changed since I last posted on here in a major way. My days used to consist of going to my day job, coming home playing on the computer, eating dinner and either reading or writing. Now, they consist of washing bottles, changing diapers, feeding little miss and tummy time.

I'm someone's mother. I'm also a wife, daughter, author, daughter in law, friend etc...

I can't believe that I go back to work next week. I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday and then my maternity leave is over and it's back to the daily grind :( I'm not looking forward to leaving my little one every morning for 8 hours although she'll be fine with her pappy until I come home.

Im also on deadline. Edits for book #2, Stealing Cynderella will arrive on the 3rd, the same day that I go back to work, so I'll get to juggle writing along with work and being a mommy, but it shouldn't be too hard until she actually gets mobile. I also have ideas for book 3,4, &5 in separate files on my computer and just have to choose which idea to work on next. Hmmm....


I don't know if anyone else here watches Pretty Little Liars, but all I have to say is.... WOW! When they revealed that EzrA was A, I almost fell off the couch. To top it off, Ali's alive, wtf! And now I'm in withdrawal until October rolls around and the Halloween special comes on and Ravenswood starts. Great, another show that I'll get addicted to.
But, I almost wonder if Ezra isn't A, but part of the A team like Toby and Mona were. But, if he really is A what is that going to do for the Aria/ Ezra relationship? After 4 seasons this show still keeps me guessing, unlike the novels.
I think that Sara Shepard is just writing more PLL novels for the $. The first 8 were great, but since then they've gone down hill in a major way. I just read Ali's prequel and it just told me everything that I already knew, so to me it was pointless, unless she was trying to get new readers interested in the book series.
Just like The Lying Game, it was good at first, but I think she's just grasping at straws at this point with the books, giving us hope that we will figure out who killed Sutton only to be let down.... again. And, I don't even know if the television show is even on anymore. But, I've always been more of a PLL fan than LG anyway.
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Walking Dead & Writing

I bought my mother in law Walking Dead seasons 1&2 for her birthday a few weeks ago and after a few glasses of wine last night(yummy) I fell asleep in front of the TV watching it. I saw Rick get shot and wake up later in the hospital after the zombie apocalypse trying to find his wife and son. But, that was it. Maybe I’ll just watch it on my own sometime.

Right now I’m in the kitchen eating veggie pizza and editing instead of in the living room with everyone else.I’m trying to re-submit an older novel to my publisher, so right now I think editing is more important than sitting around watching Walking Dead .Heather Curley would probably disagree though. LOL! I’m up to Chapter 4 of 42 chapters, but I’m hoping that I will be able to submit it to my publisher by July * crosses fingers*

But, the laptop is about to die, I hate the 2 hr battery life on this thing, so I need to go plug it in if I want to get anymore work done today :(

OMG! I just got a good idea for a new novel… how about a YA zombie novel, that would be lots of fun to write :)

How I Spend Most of My Days

I just read jessica_shea blog and thought that posting my writing schedule would be a good idea. I work almost 40 hours a week at my day job, so that means most days I'm up early getting ready for work. For me, anyway.

6:35 : Get up and stumble around the bedroom getting ready for work, cursing my job/boss for making me work the early shift. There are days that I really hate my job, but I know that I need the paycheck.

6:46-6:50: Finally make it downstairs to get coffee and sit in front of the computer watching the Today show until it's time to leave for work. Usually, instead of writing, I usually catch up on emails, facebook, twitter and every other time waster there is out there.

7:30: leave for work.

8:00-4:00 : I'm at work.

4:30ish : Home from work. The first thing that I usually do is take a nice warm shower, get back in my pjs and sit down with either my Kindle, book or the computer.

5:30-6:ish Some nights my mother in law makes dinner, but others are fend for yourself, so I get up and get food when my stomach grumbles.

8:00 : Depending on the day watch whatever is on the TV, wither it's something I want to watch or NETFLIX. My in laws are currently working on the first season of Angel, but I'm not sure how I feel about that show, so usually I don't pay much attention to it. Instead, I've got the computer on my lap playing on FB or trying to write. I'm currently slowly, and I mean slowly getting the first draft of book # 2 written. Thank god I'm not on deadline!

10:00: Go upstairs and read for a bit.

11:00: Night, Night

Knee Deep in Quick Sand

I'm knee deep in revisions right now, but I thought that I would drop by and say hi! Hi! I got them back form Editor M a few weeks ago, but I've been having a hard time getting into them. I'm working on Ch.5 right now as I type this and I'm liking the changes, but I've got a LOT more work ahead of me! I sent this version to Editor M without an ending and she was fine with that. Said that moving some plot points around might jog my brain for an ending. I certainly hope so. Well, it's time to get back to revision cave now, bye!


I met my beautiful girl Megan for coffee yesterday at Panera Bread after work. Unfortunately, she had her boy with her, but, I'm not going to use this blog to gripe about relationship problems, so enough of that. As promised, she had the first draft of The Betrayal with her. She had it in a red binder and while she sat and drank her Mt. Dew, I began flipping through it. The pages were covered with purple ink! Details to add, details to delete etc.... I knew since I'd sent her the first draft with no ending that this version was going to be bad, but I'm still not sure that I was ready for this.

It's edit time, ugh! Don't get me wrong, I love molding and shaping a manuscript into the final product, but the process is tedious at times. I have my binder, paper clips, notebook and pen and off I go. So, when my husband and I left Panera Bread, I had every intention of going home and digging into said edits, but we went to the bar for a few drinks instead.

I came home around 8 o'clock and sat down in the recliner, first chapter beside me, MS Word up and running and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the background. I managed to get one page fixed and gave up for the night. I finished watching Buffy and went upstairs for some "grown up time". Afterwards, I read a bit of JD Robb's Delusion in Death before falling asleep. And, I had every intention of digging into the edits this morning before work, but instead I've been watching Greys Anatomy on the computer and reading.

I was soo excited and anxious to get these edits back and now I'm avoiding them like the plague. What's wrong with me? Well, I'm off to avoid them some more while drinking now, cold coffee and hopefully finishing Delusion in Death.

Blog Tour Stops

Before I stumbled on my publisher, I thought that the only “tour” that authors went on was a book “tour. That’s not true. With E-books changing the world of publishing, there are now blog “tours” for authors. I scheduled mine with  Reading Addiction Virtual Blog Tours in November and it happened this past week. From Dec 17th- 23rd, I was featured on different people’s blogs to get more exposure.  There are more links to add, but I’m waiting for the links to go “live” as I was told that they would before posting the links here. I’m not very tech savy as you might be able to see here. I just learned how to paste a link into a blog post a few minutes ago, lol. I think that I just need to sit in front of a computer screen and write and let someone else deal with all this blog post. I mean Laurell K. Hamilton an assistant  AND her husband to help her with the tech stuff. Maybe I need to hire an assistant… any takers? LOL.